Building Vacuum or Suck Liquid Diaphragm Pump

1. Creation overview
7121 Collection micro diaphragm pump is a new module that independently designed by
Keyto. Its principal operate is diaphragm reciprocating by motor works. This series is vast utilised
in healthcare devices, environmental defense tools, meters, chemistry equipment,
family electrical, laboratory devices and other superior area. Characteristics of 7121- collection diaphragm pump:
The principal of diaphragm pump is the elastic diaphragm reciprocating by centrifugal
rotating, to alter the volume of chamber. And we designed one direction poppets at input
and output port, to obtain medium aspiration and dispensing.
1) Supply pure liquid transportation and fuel aspirate surroundings.
2) Oilless, upkeep cost-free, extended lifetime
3) Tiny vibration, reduced sounds
four) Great sealing, corrosion resistance
5) Easy to assemble.
3.1 Brushless diaphragm pump parameter:
Kind 7121-31-ELN 7121-32-ELN 7121-sixty one-ELN 7121-62-ELN
Usage/W 7W 7W 7W 7W
Rated voltage/DC 12V 24V 12V 24V
Movement ≥0.30L/min ≥0.30L/min ≥0.60L/min ≥0.60L/min
Max aspirating height ≥0.2Mpa ≥0.2Mpa ≥0.2Mpa ≥0.2Mpa
Max drainage height
(liquid) ≤-80Kpa ≤-80Kpa ≤-80Kpa ≤-80Kpa
temperature -40ºC -40ºC -40ºC -40ºC
Rated present /A .5 .25 .5 .25
Safety defense
current /A 2. 1.2 2. one.two
Type 7121-31-ELM 7121-32-ELM 7121-61-ELM 7121-sixty two-ELM
Consumption/W 7W 7W 7W 7W
Rated voltage/DC 12V 24V 12V 24V
Stream (total pace) ≥0.30L/min ≥0.30L/min ≥0.60L/min ≥0.60L/min
Max aspirating height ≥0.2Mpa ≥0.2Mpa ≥0.2Mpa ≥0.2Mpa
Max drainage top
(liquid) ≤-80Kpa ≤-80Kpa ≤-80Kpa ≤-80Kpa
temperature -40ºC -40ºC -40ºC -40ºC
Rated present /A .five .25 .5 .twenty five
Turvallisuuden suojaaminen
current /A two. 1.2 two. 1.2
Link port 4mm interior diameter gentle tube
Life time >10000h
Medium H2o, weak acid and foundation, and many others.
Body content PP(Supplies can be replaced base on medium)
Diaphragm material EPDM(Supplies can be changed foundation on medium)
Notice: The suction unfavorable strain regular: the worth is more substantial than common worth.
(e.g.: -80Kpa).


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