Diaphragm Vacuum Pump 12 ~ 60L

Merchandise Introduction
Our Diaphragm Vacuum Pump has the features of continuous oil free pumping , minimal sound degree , greater performance , long lifetime . It is primarily employed in medicinal products investigation , industry of wonderful substances , biochemical pharmacy , foodstuff evaluation , The prison investigation technological innovation , and so forth . It is utilised with the precision chromatography instrument , the essential of laboratory . This merchandise is specifically made for laboratory , reputable and straightforward to use . These sequence of merchandise have obtained the national patent .


  1. The product could function without any medium and does not create pollution .The fuel exchange space is placed with filtering materials , to ensure that the air is clear .
  2. New material and new technological innovation are adopted in generation . It is practical to shift , and work smoothly , thus making certain the best vacuum diploma and increased air velocity .
  3. Utilizing frictionless membrane body movement , does not create warmth , no friction intake . Imported rubber diaphragm has corrosion resistance and extended support life .
  4. Automated cooling exhaust technique is designed in the body , ensures ongoing operation 24 hours a day .
  5. The force adjustable design and style can fulfill a certain range of vacuum and fuel velocity .
  6. Bearing imported traditional bearing , smooth procedure , low noise , large efficiency .
  7. The components in contact with the gasoline of anticorrosive pump is with TEFLON floor treatment method , which have total capacity of resistance to chemical corrosion .
  8. Special motor is ODM offered by the export of expert motor maker and has acquired the European CE certification . It has the sensible rotation style , outfitted with a power overheat protector , when the pump physique temperature reached one hundred thirty degrees , it will routinely electricity off , to safeguard the motor from being ruined in the long operating function .
  9. Small quantity and light-weight excess weight , simple to shift , help save area , practical mend and upkeep .

Solvent filtration
Compressing and converting gasoline
SPE ( reliable section extraction)


Malli DP-.twenty DP-.33II DP-.33III DP-.five DP-.5II DP-one.00
Velocity of evacuation ( L/Min )  12  20 20 kolmekymmentä kolmekymmentä kuusikymmentä
Greatest pressure vacuum  ≥0.075 MPa
250 mbar
 ≥0.08 MPa
two hundred mbar
 ≥0.095 MPa
 ≥0.08 MPa
 ≥0.095 MPa
 ≥0.08 MPa
Optimistic stress ≥30Psi / / ≥30Psi / ≥30Psi
Voltage score 220Vac, 50Hz 220Vac, 50Hz 220Vac, 50Hz 220Vac, 50Hz 220Vac, 50Hz 220Vac, 50Hz
Motor energy (w)  75W  160W  160W 160W  160W  160W
Tulo (mm)  Ø six  Ø six  Ø six  Ø six  Ø six  Ø 6
Poistoaukko (mm)  Ø 6 Interior Silencer  Äänenvaimennin  Ø 6  Äänenvaimennin  Ø 6
Temperature surroundings ( °C )  7-40  7-neljäkymmentä  7-neljäkymmentä  7-40  7-neljäkymmentä  7-40
Suorittaa  Vacuum & Pressure  tyhjiö tyhjiö  Tyhjiö ja voima  tyhjiö  Tyhjiö ja voima
Pumpun pää  1  1  2  1  2  2
Temp of the physique (°C )            
Dimensions ( LXBXH ) (mm)  195 x 98 x 156  215 x one hundred twenty x 235  300 x a hundred and twenty x 235  210 x a hundred and sixty x 235  300 x 120 x 235  300 x 160 x 235
Sound degree ( DB )            
Excess weight ( kg )  4  7.viisi  10  8  10  10
Pallea Nylon  NBR  NBR  NBR  NBR NBR
Venttiilit    NBR  NBR  NBR  NBR  NBR



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