High Accuracy Pressure Pediatric Vacuum Infusion Pump with Drug Library in Microfluidics Applications

Healthcare facility Medical  Equipment Multi Parameter Smart Touch Monitor Syringe Pump For Humann/Veterinary 

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Malli UNB08

Primary functions:

one. Colourful TFT screen with keyboard button
two. Automatic self-identification of 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml and 50ml syringes
three. All varieties of syringe makes
four. 4 injection modes: ml/h Mode, Weight Manner, Volume-Time Mode, Standby manner
five. twenty five injection speed units
6. KVO & Bolus operate
seven. Obvious and audible Alarms
eight. True time show
9. Rechargeable Lithium battery can perform repeatedly for over 4.5 hrs
ten. Stackable mix with single AC power offer
eleven. Double CPU
twelve Autosave 2000 syringe data

Complex Parameters: 

Relevant Syringe   5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml Injektiovolyymi      .0001~999999ml
Ruisku merkki Mikä tahansa ruiskumerkki Injection Strain Three stages for selection: 
 (L) 300mm/Hg  (M)500mm/Hg  (H) 1100mm/Hg
Range of Injectionrate .1~100ml/h,  5ml Syringe Injection Manner 3 modes: ml/h mode, Weight mode, Quantity-Time method, Standby mode
.one~300ml/h,  10ml Syringe hälytys AC power failure, Syringe falls off, Reinstall syringe, Countdown, Air, Occlusion, Low battery, Error, More than, no enough medication, beyond Parameters assortment
.one~600ml/h,  20ml Syringe Operating Issue Environment Temperature: 5ºC~40ºC
.1~800ml/h,  30ml Syringe Relative Humidity: twenty%~90%
.one~1200ml/h, 50ml Syringe Atmospheric Stress: seven-hundred hPa~1060hPa
Bolusnopeus     fifty~100ml/h (Default 50ml/h), 5ml Syringe sähkö AC 100V~240V, 50Hz/60Hz 
DC 14.8V(+5%,-ten%) 2000mAh rechargeable
50 ~ 300 ml / h (oletus 150ml / h), 10 ml ruisku syöttöteho        25VA
50 ~ 600 ml / h (oletus 300ml / h), 20 ml ruisku Akku Rechargeable battery Charging time: 12~16h
Discharge time: over 4.5h ( totally charged)
50 ~ 800 ml / h (oletus 300ml / h), 30 ml ruisku Varokkeen erittely AC 250V  three.15A
fifty~1200ml/h (Default 400ml/h), 50ml Syringe Suojaustaso Course I, Kind BF()
KVO-hinta     .1~1.0ml/h, adjustable at increment level of .01ml/h IP Grade IPX4
tarkkuus:     ± 2% Ulottuvuus 325mm x 251mm x 157mm
Speed unit       (Dose-fee unit)   twenty five types of injection-velocity units as follows: Paino G.W: three.5kgs, N.W: 2.6kgs
ml/h,  mg/min, mg/h, mg/24h, mg/kg/min, mg/kg/h, mg/kg/24h, ug/min, ug/h, Ug/24h, g/kg/min, ug/kg/h, ug/kg/24h, U/min, U/h, U/24h, U/kg/min, U/kg/h, U/kg/24h, kU/min, kU/h, kU/24h, kU/kg/min, kU/kg/h, kU/kg/24h    

Cargo and Payment 

For the buy which much less than 20units, much more of the customers decide on the shipment by  
Categorical Courier or by Air Cargo.

Our standard Lead Time is inside five-7working days following payment.

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