High Performance China Micro Vacuum Pump Micro Air Pump Brush DC Diaphragm Pressure Vacuum Pump Mini Compressor Air Pump

Mikro tyhjiöpumppu / mikroilmapumppu / harja DC-kalvopainepumppu / kompressorin ilmapumppu

TOPSFLO micro diaphragm pumps and compressors are primarily based on a basic principal, the circular electricity from the motor is transformed into oscillating motion by an eccentric, which moves up and down its central stage, this movement is then transferred to a diaphragm by means of a connecting rod, an elastic diaphragm, which in conjunction with an inlet and outlet valve results in a pumping action.

Technical attributes:

1. Optimum Efficiency/Dimension Ratio
kaksi. Suorittaa hiljaisempaa
three. Lasts Reliably Longer
4. Uncontaminated circulation
five. Little vibration
6. Large amount of gas tightness
7. Äärimmäinen kemiallinen kestävyys
8. Optimal resolution for your software

Tekniset tiedot:

Pump Concept Kalvopumppu
Motor Sort Harja DC-moottori
Ympäristön lämpötila forty one to 158 F(five to 70C)
Käytä paikkaa sisä-
Media: Useimmat kaasut
Sound Course type 1M 50 dB / maks
Perfect Existence Time 3000 Useita tunteja
Operating Manner Continuous or Interrupt
Tuloaukko OD 4.8mm/ID two.6mm
pistorasia OD 4.8 mm / ID 2.6 mm
Letkusuositus: Tunnus 4.0 mm
Ulottuvuus 80mm * 31mm * 58mm
Ylipaino 220 g
komponentit pumppu
pää Nylon                                                
kalvo EPDM / PTFE                              
venttiili EPDM / FPM
Palvelumme Can dry-operating, Self-priming


Malli Siiviläpumppu Tyhjiöpumppu Nimellisjännite Kuormittamaton Viimeaikainen Max stressi Max tyhjiö Max Stream
  (Kauppatavaran numero) (Tuotenumero) (Vdc) () (KPa) (KPa) (L / min)
TM30A-A TM30A-A12-P12006   TM30A-A12-V7006      kuusi / 12/24 .neljä / .24 / .15 sata kaksikymmentä -70 6


Our Micro Diaphragm Pumps are available with a decision of 4 diverse generate motors.

A-  Top quality responsibility brush DC motor
lifetime three,000hours,more time stamina lifetime than other regular DC membrane pump

B-  Economical brush DC motor
elinaika: 1,500 tuntia 

C - Harjaton DC-moottori  
A brushless electronically commutated dc motor (electronics built-in in motor), the motor operates vibration and spark free of charge, almost silently, is extremely dynamic and really durable, perfect lifestyle-time 15000 hours

D- Harjaton, harjaton DC-moottori, ulkoisella ohjaimella
With all advantages of coreless brushless DC motor, ideal existence-time 15000 hrs, and outer controller can realize far more handle capabilities of PWM or -5V velocity adjustment, brake, ~ immediate commencing operate

H- Harjaton DC-moottori
Pitkä käyttöikä 10000 tuntia

The versatility of TOPSFLO pumps makes it possible for a wide area of applications to be lined. In excess of numerous a long time our pumps have proved themselves in the pursuing regions:
1.Industrial pressure and vacuum apps
2.Moveable Analytical Devices
3.Healthcare Diagnostic Tools
4.Air Quality näytteenotto-näytöt
6. bensiini- tai hajuvuodonilmaisimet


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