Öljytön tyhjiöpumppu AP-02B

Öljy ilmaiseksi tyhjiöpumppu AP-02B
Flat shape&comma particularly ideal for screen on the shelves beneath the bench&period of time
A double-digit “LED” “S” stress show plainly and properly&time period
Knob modify the vacuum pressure pump&comma simple and convenient&period
There is positive force&comma unfavorable pressure two interfaces to be a lot more substantial&time period

Vacuum Strain&colon 80Kap
Optimum pressure&colon 18Psi
Flux & koolon 10000mL & solmin
Energy&colon 45VA
Jännite ja kaksoispiste AC220V & sol50Hz ja pilkku 110V & sol60HZ
Ulottuvuus ja kaksoispiste 230 & ast80 & ast200mm
Internet fat&colon 2&period5kg