Single Stage Vacuum Pump with Oil

 single stage vacuum pump with oil

With Computerized substantial velocity circulation and compensation function   under the placing strain.Evaluating with fastened displacement vane pump,it has reduced usage and warmth radiation
Steady and noiseless in operation,especially appropriate for machine tool and accord to demands of housed pursuits.
It contains mechanical strain adjustmentFor an arbitrary choice

kaksi. LVD-todistus
3. ilmastointilaitteelle

The vacuum pump is mostly applied in numerous fields, this kind of as refrigeration keep, printing equipment, health-related tools, vacuum packing, fuel evaluate and thermoplastic molding ect.
Specific indication of inside technique force on the vacuum gauge. The vacuum gauge can equip on all models of vacuum pump.

Tekniset parametrit:

Tuote nro. VP115 (VP-1) VP125 (VP-yksi.5) VP135 (VP-2) VP145 (VP-2.5) VP160 VP180 VP1100
(VP-three) (VP-neljä) (VP-five)
Liikkumismaksu 50Hz yksi. 5 CFM 2.5CFM 3.5CFM 4.5CFM 6CFM 8CFM 10CFM
XNUMX l / min 70 L / min sata l / min 128 L / min a hundred and seventy L/min 226 L / min 283 L / min
50 L / min eighty four L/min 114 L / min 142 L / min 198 L / min 254 L / min 340 L / min
Suurin tyhjiö   5Pa 5Pa 5Pa 5Pa 5Pa 5Pa 5Pa
  sata mikronia 100 mikronia sata mikronia 100 mikronia sata mikronia sata mikronia sata mikronia
teho 1 / 4HP 1 / 4HP 1 / 3HP 1 / 3HP 1 / 2HP 3 / 4HP 1HP
Tuloaukko yksi / neljä ”soihtu yksi / neljä ”soihtu 1/XNUMX tuuman soihtu 1/4 tuuman soihtu yksi / 4 tuuman ja kolme / 8 tuuman soihtu yksi / 4 tuuman ja kolme / 8 tuuman soihtu yksi / 4 ″ ja kolme / kahdeksan ″ soihtu
Öljypotentiaali 280ml 240ml 350ml 350ml 450ml 600ml 750ml
Suhteet (mm) 260x122x220 260x122x220 270x122x220 270x122x220 320x134x235 370x140x250 390x140x250
Paino 4.6kg 5kg viisi. 5 kg 6kg 6kg 14kg 14.5kg


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K. Mitkä ovat maksuehdot?
 A. 30% deposit on affirmation of get and 70% equilibrium TT ahead of cargo.
Q. Can the air compressor be custom-made in accordance to choice?
A. We welcome all ask for and customization.
Q. Do the manufacturing facility supply OEM products?
A. Yes we can do OEM if our clientele approved us the copyrights.
Q. Are spare parts conveniently available?
Spare areas are geared up . We inventory all spare elements and will courier in urgent circumstances. Components are conveniently offered and inexpensive.

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