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2BV Drinking water ring vacuum pump



2BV sequence water ring vacuum pump is suited for pumping& removing gas and water vapor. The suction pressure can achieve 33mbar absolute force (ninety seven% vacuum). When the drinking water ring vacuum pump is doing work for a prolonged time under the suction pressure close to the limit vacuum (saturated vapor stress of the operating fluid), the cavitation security tube ought to be related to shield the pump. When employed as a compressor, the optimum force is .26 MPa (absolute force).


2BV sequence drinking water ring vacuum pumps/compressors are mainly used to pump& take away flammable and explosive gases and work in different flammable and explosive environments.


Major attributes

one.The immediate link design and style of the motor saves area, effortless set up and hassle-free servicing.

two.The casting adopts precision casting technologies and is strictly developed in accordance with nationwide specifications. Neat appearance, good heat dissipation and excellent mechanical properties.

3. All have cavitation safety pipe interfaces. If functioning beneath intense strain, opening the cavitation defense pipe interface (or connecting with the separator) can eliminate cavitation sound and protect the pump although guaranteeing the maximum suction impact .

four. The 2BV sequence is geared up with stainless steel impellers, and the 2BV2 sequence is geared up with stainless steel discs and impellers. Large energy, sturdy and improve the corrosion resistance of the pump. If all the stream via components are manufactured of stainless steel, they can perform in more severe environments.

5. Distinctive flexible exhaust port design, no over-compression, ensuring the 2BV sequence has the best effectiveness in its overall performance selection.

6.YE2 collection large-performance motors are utilized, with security course IP54, IP55 (frequently IP44), and insulation class F course (common class B insulation)

seven.2BV sequence h2o ring vacuum pump can realize that all the flexible seals are polytetrafluoroethylene, which can tremendously extend the service life of the vacuum pump beneath severe functioning situations.


Tärkeimmät käyttöalueet

Vacuum filtration

Chemical filtering plant, chemical processing plant, iron ore plant, mining industry, phosphate fertilizer plant, paper mill, poultry processing plant, coal planning plant

Compressed air regeneration

Pulp, steel, automotive, glass, chemical


Milk factory, meals factory, chemical factory, pulp manufacturing unit

Foodstuff processing

Meals processing plant, dairy plant

Vacuum disinfection

Healthcare facility, infirmary, laboratory

Steam recovery

Distillers, loading stations


Plastic business

H2o pump diversion



Plastic, polyethylene, rubber, tire and other production industries

Condenser h2o tank h2o filling



Foodstuff processing, wood processing, textile mills, plywood mills, telephone pole production


Chemical and pharmaceutical producing

Liquid degassing

Foods processing, water softening, bottling crops

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Wooden processing/ drying, healthcare/ laboratory vacuum, solvent recovery, soil purification, vacuum packaging, extraction, tanning, canning

2BV2 060

2BV2 071

2BV2 061-Ex

2BV2 070-Ex

2BV5 sata kymmenen

2BV5 161

2BV6 sata kymmenen

2BV6 161


SK (2YK) collection water ring vacuum pump



SK, 2YK kind h2o ring vacuum pump is single phase double action, radial consumption and exhaust drinking water ring vacuum pump. The SK/2YK type h2o ring vacuum pump is usually employed to pump gas free of charge of sound particles, insoluble or somewhat soluble in water. Simply because the gasoline is near to isothermal compression throughout the functioning procedure of the water ring pump, it is also especially appropriate for suction and shipping and delivery of inflammable and explosive gases. The pump normally uses water as the working fluid.


one.One phase double action, radial intake and exhaust, substantial performance and power conserving.
two.The framework is durable, sturdy, lengthy existence, and can operate repeatedly for a prolonged time.
three.No direct mechanical friction, impeller and pump entire body is not contacted, no use.
4.There is an proper hole in between impeller and distributor, which is not sensitive to dust and particulates.
five.The foot is in the pump human body, mounted horizontally and dismantled, convenient for set up and upkeep.
six.All varieties of requirements are geared up with corresponding atmospheric ejectors to increase suction vacuum.


Monimutkainen parametri
Pumping price:nine-146lm³/min
Vacuum diploma:80-1013hPa

Discharge stress: 1013hPa



It is extensively utilised in the vacuum adverse stress ash removing of condensers of the electric energy industry, vacuum distillation, vacuum crystallization, drinking water deoxidization in oil generation in petrochemical business, various vacuum units in the pharmaceutical industry, higher altitude simulation in aeronautical research, vacuum drinking water diversion in suction and drainage engineering, vacuum program and numerous vacuum acquisition procedure in paper market, vacuum formation of plastic and rubber, vacuum flotation and filtration in coal and mining, gasoline emissions from coal mines, vacuum techniques in the tobacco sector, pressure shifting adsorption units, meals packaging or vacuum drying.












SK-eighty five

SK-a hundred and twenty

2BE1 water ring vacuum pump



The 2BE1 collection is a one stage solitary performing h2o ring vacuum pump with wide suction range. 



one.Solitary stage one action, axial ingestion and exhaust, basic composition, easy upkeep.

two.The exhaust equipped with versatile valve plate can instantly change the exhaust angle, enabling the pump to run effectively under diverse inhalation situations.

three.Geared up with computerized drain valve to handle the starting up degree of pump and steer clear of overload beginning.

four.The impeller end encounter is made by classification, which reduces the sensitivity of the pump to the dust and water scaling in the medium. Improved the structure of impeller reinforcing ring of massive measurement impeller to avoid impurity retention, and enhanced the affect of structure on pump. The extracted gasoline is permitted to have non granular dust.

5.The packing cover is divided into half composition, which can be taken out as a complete, and the filling is more hassle-free to replace.

6.By altering the assembling angle of the sealing member, the operate of the internal circulation or exterior source of the cooling water can be recognized to satisfy the demands of distinct shaft seals. By connecting the leakage hole of the stuffing box, the dripping coolant can be introduced to the designated place to satisfy the specifications of environmental security. Little dimensions pumps have two types of shaft seals, packing and mechanical seals.

seven.The rotor with impeller diameter greater than 200 is outfitted with a sheathed shaft in the shaft seal position.

8.The axial and radial hundreds of the pump are independently borne by two distinct bearings. After enhancing the bearing composition, it can make certain lengthy-phrase and reputable procedure of the pump.

9.When the heat exchanger is installed, the functioning fluid can be recycled and the water use can be reduced. By means of the self suction capacity of the vacuum pump, the cooling operating fluid is sucked into the pump without added pressurization system.

ten.2BE1 101~253 drinking water ring vacuum pump. Pump human body and aspect include are connected by pull rod. 2BE1 303~705 h2o ring vacuum pump, flange relationship between pump human body and facet include assures the all round rigidity and vibration resistance of massive dimensions water ring vacuum pump. When the upkeep space is tiny, horizontal set up can be utilised.

11.Making use of regular components can meet the basic requirements.

12.When the flow by means of components are manufactured with distinct grades of stainless metal, they can fulfill diverse anticorrosion demands.

13.When the circulation by way of areas spray unique resources, the anticorrosion cost of large dimensions h2o ring vacuum pumps can be reduced. Its sleek area can also effectively lessen the precipitation of ash like substances and slow down the scaling method.

fourteen.When the inner cavity of the pump physique is lined with vulcanized rubber, the corrosion resistance of the pump body can be improved.

fifteen.2BE1***-, the suction assortment is extensive. The reduced suction force can achieve 33mbar (stomach muscles), and with the first stage ejector, the suction strain can be reduce than 33mbar (ab muscles).

16.2BE1***-1, low suction pressure can attain 140mbar (ab muscles), and the suggested assortment of powerful suction is one hundred sixty~1013mbar (ab muscles).

seventeen.When the drinking water ring vacuum pump is supported with the anti cavitation system, it can successfully improve the procedure of the pump in a high vacuum.


Erikoistuneet parametrit

Pumping charge:2.7-440m³/min

Vacuum diploma:33-1013hPa

Discharge strain: 1013hPa



It is broadly used in the vacuum adverse stress ash removal of condensers of the electrical power industry, vacuum distillation, vacuum crystallization, h2o deoxidization in oil generation in petrochemical industry, numerous vacuum gadgets in the pharmaceutical industry, large altitude simulation in aeronautical investigation, vacuum drinking water diversion in suction and drainage engineering, vacuum program and a variety of vacuum acquisition approach in paper sector, vacuum development of plastic and rubber, vacuum flotation and filtration in coal and mining, gasoline emissions from coal mines, vacuum methods in the tobacco sector, stress altering adsorption products, meals packaging or vacuum drying.


2BE1 102-

2BE1 303-

2BE1 305-1

2BE1 306-1

2BE1 353-

2BE1 405-1

2BE1 406-yksi

2BE1 151-8

2BE1 253-eight

2BE1 355-8

2BE1 405-8

2BE1 353-0NV3-1N472





2BE3 Liquid ring vacuum pump



2BE3 series water-ring vacuum pump are higher-effectiveness strength-saving merchandise, it is generally utilized to pump gas totally free from reliable particles, insoluble in drinking water and non-corrosive, so as to type vacuum and force in shut containers. Liquid ring vacuum pump can also be utilized to pump corrosive fuel or use corrosive liquid as doing work fluid by modifying structural components and adding anti-corrosive coating. It is very appropriate for extended-term and constant procedure.



1.This sequence of pumps are with single-stage single-motion buildings, obtaining the positive aspects of straightforward construction, easy maintenance, dependable operation, vitality efficient and are suited for severe conditions with huge drinking water discharge and overloaded shock wave.

2.The impeller is manufactured by welding and high temperature answer treatment method. The blade is stamped and formed in 1 time and with reasonable profile. The hub is processed by substantial exact lathe and examined by dynamic balancer. The impeller and shaft are matched by scorching fitting to accomplish trustworthy efficiency and secure procedure. It is appropriate to work in severe circumstances with overloaded shock wave.

3.It carries with air drinking water separator, inlets & retailers in multi positions. There is servicing obtain to the exhaust valve on the pump protect. The place in between the impeller and baffle plate are altered by the gland at each finishes of the shaft.



2BE3 collection are commonly used in the industries this sort of as paper producing, chemical, petroleum, gentle market, pharmaceutical, foods, constructing material, electrical appliances, coal washing, mining assortment, fertilizer, and so on. In coal market, it can be utilised to pump and exhaust highly flammable and explosive gases, like gasoline, methane.










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